• Christine Kuebler

Out on a limb

It was 1981, I was 5 years old and I remember the day my mother drove into our driveway in her new "company car". My mom decided to take a step in a different direction that day and entered the business world. The car they gave her was old, pretty run down, and nothing that would turn anyone's heads. But it turned ours. My mom did not have a college education, she still doesn't and she had just taken this job as a sales rep with a large cosmetics company, the largest in the world at the time. What did my mom know about sales, she didn't and why did they give her this crappy company car? This had to be a joke. I think perhaps a few thought she was crazy. But, that's how good things start, in the crazy. That moment when my mom drove that ugly piece of shit car into our driveway is forever etched into my mind. It was the start of a ground breaking career.

My mother later went on to become a senior V.P. for that company and managed for another company after, won all kinds of awards, the list goes on and on. But that's not what this is about. This is about that first risky step. Her willingness to take a job she knew noting about, wasn't skilled for, didn't have the "proper" education for. She didn't hold back, listen to fears or any other kind of social pressure bullshit we are all familiar with. She simply went for it, took a risk and really didn't have anything to lose. It paid off and my mom happily worked her ass off for years, she loved the daily grind.

What inspires me about my mom is her willingness to just step out and do the thing. Who knows if she had fears.... maybe, most people do. She just didn't let it hold her back and I think she had a lot of faith in herself. We're all on our own creative path. Know in your heart and mind that you have what it takes to creatively succeed and set the bar high. It's crazy the untapped potential we have and what's even crazier is to not tap it.

If you've made it this far, thanks for being here. You are valued.

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