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Greetings and Salutations!

Christine Kuebler has been an artist for as long as she can remember! She always had a drawing or doodle going as a kid and drew her way into a fine art degree through Washington State University in 1998. She also holds a masters degree in elementary education and taught in both public and private schools for 15 years. Between single parenting, teaching, climbing tall mountains and seeking out adventure, Christine always found her way back to her drawing board. Now it's a full time passion and she's drawing her way to new heights. Christine lives in Seattle, Washington with her partner Dominic! She has two sons, one who serves in the Navy and another who is a national champion sprint kayaker. 

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My Story

The year was 1991, I was 14 and my family moved from Southern California to Olympia, Washington. This was a foreign place for me, I remember driving around this heavily treed place, dripping wet with rain and seeing hippies! What?! Hippies! Or “Greeners” as they were known to us. Olympia was a small and very liberal town.  With the trees, rain, mountains and hippies came artisans, craftspeople, a wonderful and wild emerging alternative rock scene that had us all fixated and heavy doses of creative vibe. Yep, Nirvana played in Olympia bringing this new genre of music we had never heard before. Everyone from jocks to hippies were listening to it. The pace was slower and people weren’t as fixated on image and celebrity like Southern California. Olympia also had a history in the logging industry and I remember many families living in remote parts of the area barely getting by on timber dollars; dads were lumberjacks. I fell in love with the arts and the outdoors here as well as the simplistic lifestyle; being in nature, backpacking, skiing and could never get over how many trees there were, not to mention raindrops. 


This creative current flowed into my high school impacting our art department. One day, I was walking down the hall and I saw all these drawings hanging in the hallway. One after the other, on display. They were remarkable drawings, realistic and I was hooked. I absolutely HAD to learn this as I had been drawing pictures my whole life, but not like this. And so my drawing journey began. The arts were the one place I truly excelled. I went on and majored in drawing and painting in art school and have been drawing ever since. I am always seeking that aesthetic from the precision I saw in the drawings hanging in the hallway so many years ago. I was so blown away by that.


Much of my work derives from nature,  experiences in nature as well as in small fleeing moments of a-ha and inspiration much like those small, intense and creative moments I was experiencing in Olympia during the early 90s. In many ways the way in which I was taught to draw during those years still runs strong throughout my work, it’s just stronger now and continues to build. 

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to light up your world with my drawings! Let's connect.

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