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Christine Kuebler

As far back as I can remember, or anyone can remember for that matter, I've always been crazy about drawing! Fortunately for me, I got my chance to finally learn through a drawing class my high school offered and the rest is history! These days, I spend my time creating original works in graphite and colored pencil while also working on another illustrated project: my comic book series-Betty n' Schmitt Comics. You can find that over at

I live in Colorado with my boyfriend Dom creating the life of our dreams! 

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Artist Statement

I am guided by three questions: 

How far can I push my skill level in this medium?

How far can I push and develop my creative thinking in how I interpret the world?

How can I give this to someone else? 


In my art, I delve into the world of drawing using a fusion of graphite and colored pencil. Graphite lends depth and texture to my pieces, while colored pencils infuse them with vivid life. My work celebrates the intricate patterns and imagery found in the world, revealing its harmonious interplay between the organic, the abstract and the lessons we learn from it. My art is an invitation to pause, reflect, and appreciate the world's profound beauty. It inspires, it energizes, it influences the mind and helps us to know our awesome potential. 

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